Most of these resources are free and some are affiliate links. This means that if you sign up or buy something using my link then I’ll receive a small fee for referring you. However, I only recommend products that I use myself, or if I no longer use daily/weekly, I have used in the past and know that they are good.



Great way to share large photos with commercial photography and event photography clients. You can set share options separately for each folder, so that only the appropriate people have access to each folder. You get 2 GB storage space free.


Another brilliant free tool to use for sending large files to clients. You can send up to 2GB in one go. The files will be zipped and your client downloads the zip file.


The Success Principles

"How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be". Groundbreaking book in my life. It covers so many aspects of having a successful business AND a successful life, that I think it's a must read for anyone. Practical, transformational tips for a better, happier life.

The Slight Edge

"Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness." Very simple principle, and so motivating and effective. Every single day, you are either moving towards bettering yourself, or sliding back. Keeps you going to know that you don't have to take big strides every day - you just need to keep going, even a little bit every a day is better than nothing.

The Power of Focus

"How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Confidence and Certainly". Exactly what it says on the tin!

Book Yourself Solid

Excellent book for identifying your ideal clients and how to attract them on a consistent basis. Full of exercises and worksheets. A must read for self-employed photographers. "A complete instructional guide for startingn and growing a successful service business."

The Wealthy Freelancer

If you are new to being a freelancer / self-employed, this is a fantastic book to start with. "This book shows you how to get the clients, income, and lifestyle you deserve - so you can put more money in the bank, enjoy more time with your family and make a great living doing what you love, free from the burden of employment... forever!"


Cheap and Cheerful Lighting Kit

...for making 'talking head' videos for your clients, or to use for product photography.

Verbatim External Hard Disk

This is the only brand of external hard disk that has lasted years and years and years without failing. Of course I am still aware that they MAY fail at some point. But I have used two other brand external hard disks in the past and both failed within a couple of years. I love Verbatim. (Read related article on making a solid backup plan: