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Google have just release a new functionality for Google Calendar: Goals. I tried it out immediately and I think it’s brilliant. You can set a (short term) goal you want to reach, assign a task you need to do in order to reach it, and your calendar will remind you to do that task. The notification will stay up on your mobile until you mark it as completed. Very easy and straightforward.

To set a new goal, tap on the plus sign on your mobile screen.


Select ‘goal’ from the menu.


…and select a type of goal you’d like to achieve. You can select from the pre-made ones, or type in your own goal. You can set the frequency of your task anything from 1 to 7 times a week, as well as the duration of the task. Google Calendar then looks for empty slots in your calendar and schedules your tasks in.


I just set a new goal for myself this week to write content for 30 minutes every day, and seeing the reminder pop up on my mobile made me actually do it as soon as I got a moment. Brilliant!

If you are not using any other productivity or goal setting app on your mobile, give Google Calendar Goals a try!


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