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how to get things done
Is there something in your life that you have thought about doing for a long time? Something that you’d really like to do but never seem to have enough time to do it? That thing which you know would make a huge difference in your life and/or business, and you’ve been meaning to start on it for months… or maybe even years? If only you had time!

How to get things done?

I know I had plenty of things like that, before I learned how to get those things done. There is a simple technique you can follow when you need to start working on something important but “haven’t got time to do it”. See, not having time is an illusion. It’s a very persistent and cunning illusion, but when you know the truth, you can be cleverer than that. Here’s what to do:

1. Chop the big thing you need to do into smaller pieces. List all the individual tasks that you need to do in order to make the whole thing happen. Start from the bigger things and make your way to smaller and simpler tasks – or the other way around if you find that easier. Group items into tasks and sub-tasks.

2. Schedule 30 minutes (or one hour if you can) a day in your calendar for the next four weeks (or as many weeks you think this project will take) to work on those tasks and make a commitment to sticking to your plan. If you feel like you don’t have even 30 minutes a day to spare, start with 15 minutes! Go to bed 15 minutes later than usual, or get up 15 minutes earlier than usual, and get this thing done. It’s not a huge price to pay for a vastly better life/business, is it?

3. Start your day by doing the task that you most resist doing. Do it first thing in the morning (instead of spending your whole day thinking that you should be doing that thing) and you’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished the most important thing of the day, and the rest of the day is plain sailing! Believe me, you’ll feel like a superhero when you stick to your plan get it done first thing.

4. When you sit down to do your daily task, make sure you can do it uninterrupted. Get rid of all distractions. If you are on a computer, don’t have anything else on the go apart from the tools/software you need for the task. Unplug your landline phone, turn off your mobile phone and do anything else to ensure that you won’t be disturbed. If you have family members who are likely to interrupt you, tell them how important it is that you get this thing done.

5. Review your progress at the end of each week and plan next week’s tasks. Or if you are very clever and committed, make a weekly plan at the beginning of this project with all tasks allocated for each week. That will further motivate you to keep up with the plan!

The hardest part is starting

If you are anything like most people, the hardest part is starting on working on something big. That’s why it’s better to break the whole project into smaller pieces, and commit to only 15-30 minutes a day to work on the project. This method lowers the barrier of starting.

As soon as you start, the sense of accomplishment will keep you going. It will be easier than you thought. And once you have established a daily habit and start seeing bigger and bigger progress, you will feel so motivated that you can’t wait to do your daily tasks! And gradually you will see the project completed.

All you had to do is start with working on it for 15 minutes!

You can live your life thinking that you’ll do that thing some day soon… you’ll do it when you have more time, more money, more motivation, more whatever. And guess what, that day never comes. It doesn’t! Not unless you start now.

So make a decision. If you want something done, start on it right now. Make a plan. Schedule a time slot in your calendar to sit down for 15 minutes to write down what you want to get done.

The other option is not to do anything about it. Indefinitely. What’s your choice?


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