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How to get into wedding photography
How to Get into Wedding Photography
How to get into wedding photography Wedding photography can be a lucrative area to work in. Many photographers have told
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Marketing for photographers
Marketing Basics for Photographers
Marketing Basics for Photographers As a professional photographer in Brighton and Hove, I’ve been there. You’ve started working as a
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5 social media tips for photographers
5 Social Media Tips for Photographers
Social Media Tips for Photographers 1. Choose your social media platform(s). Don’t spread yourself too thinly by trying to be
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photography pricing made simple
Photography Pricing
Photography Pricing Made Simple Pricing your work is one of the things most photographers worry over far too much in
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Local Business Networking
Local Business Networking As an example of business networking, I’ll tell you about an event I went to yesterday. I
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Business Networking Tips for Photographers
10 Business Networking Tips for Photographers Getting lots of good quality clients as a self-employed professional photographer is all about building
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easy bookkeeping
Easy Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping is very easy if you want it to be – especially if you are a self-employed sole trader. But many
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outsourcing for photographers
What is your favourite part about being a photographer? Is it taking photos? Editing? Finding new clients? Business planning? Selling? Marketing?
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should you work for free
Should I work for free?
So in the olden days being a photographer was a fairly rare profession. Cameras and lenses were very expensive and
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